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We at BPUK provide a variety of services with variable processing times allowing clients from the business, corporate and general public facilitating expert services for obtaining British passport renewals, UK Second British passport application forms, and the replacement of lost, stolen or damaged British passports in the quickest of timeframes. To get started, simply select on step 1 and step 2 your requirements to get started.

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Passport Renewal

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Renew your expired or expiring passport with ease and simplicity using our express or regular service. Apply from abroad.

Second Passport

British Passport Application

Acquire the opportunity to hold 2 British passports simultaneously if you are a busy traveller, applying for visas or based abroad.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport

Apply For British Passport

Obtain an urgent replacement passport quickly and accurately by following our clear instructions.

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Why Use Us for your British Passport Application

Thousands of successful applications have gone through our agency, with almost every Fortune 100 company trusting our services.

  • Use our fast track processing times
  • Trying to apply via the passport office, avoid the hassle of getting an appointment or paperwork issues by using us
  • Use our inclusive pre-­check service to ensure your application goes through with ease
  • Trying to apply from abroad, but don’t want to wait? Use our express services from abroad.
  • Receive full assistance and guidance throughout by our expert trained staff
  • Avoid having to visit any off the passport offices around the country for submission and collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must complete the original passport application form whether you are applying for a passport renewal or second British passport. Please download our application packs in order to see the essential tips required to complete the form.

Once again, our application packs contain the exact overview of what the letter requires, but in short, it must contain the reasons why you require a second passport, e.g. for obtaining travel visas whilst you travel. It must also state your position in the company and how long you have been there.

The prices vary depending on whether you want a regular or jumbo passport. Please note that we charge different fees for our 24 hour passport service and our 7 day service as well.

Normally they would be against a slightly off white coloured background. The normal photo me machines available in most supermarkets will ensure your photos meet the correct specifications.

The process for apply for a second British passport couldn't be simpler if using a passport agency such as ourselves who are highly versed in the entire process. You will need to provide us your previous passport, the British passport application form, passport photos and most importantly a letter from your employer stating the reasons for the second passport. Often reasons generally come down to need visas for various countries. We have advice and templates to give on these, so please contact us for further information.

Processing time:10 work days

Price: Passport: £132.00

Service Fee: £120.00 + VAT

To obtain a passport in one working day on an urgent British passport application can be undertaken via us. We can facilitate daily appointments without issues. That means that if you can only get an appoint a week away at one of the centres, then we can resolve your visa. We ask that you compile all the relevant information from our website, including the forms, photos, original passport and the such. We ask that you call us to ensure we go through a checklist before hand to ensure you have all the items. We these have been checked, you are instructed to send by special delivery, or bring all items to us at the earliest. If you care seeking a same day passport application, please contact us at the earliest to speak with one of our UK passport specialists.

Processing time: 7 hours

Price: Passport: £132.00

Service Fee: £120.00 + VAT

If your current passport is expiring, has expired or has run out of clean pages, then you will need to renew your British passport. Reading the instructions from our passport services website make it relatively easy to undertake. You can complete the passport application form for renewing and send us all the forms, photos and old passport. We process this at the passport office in London to ensure that you are given a new passport in the quickest turnaround time. For information on this process please contact us directly

Processing time: 24 hours - 7 days

Price: Passport: £132.00

Service Fee: £120.00 + VAT

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