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Unfortunately due to Covid-19, we have temporarily suspended our services. We hope to resume in the near future.

Given the pandemic, we are receiving a large number of enquiries that unfortunately we are not in a position to assist with. However please see below which gives you the relevant contact source on whom to contact based on your need. Our main email if you wish to get in touch will be during this current period. Please kindly email us there to ensure a consultant views it.

Existing Clients and Future Applications with Us

As a private agency of visas, passports and legalisations, we are unable to help with a lot of the travel related queries, therefore we ask if you are an existing customer where: we still have your application, are a past customer that would like information about your case, wish to apply in the future or anything else, then please email us directly to: where a team member shall aim to assist and get back to you within 24 hours if we can assist.

UK Nationals Stranded Abroad:

If you are a UK national and stranded abroad, we advise you to contact the local British Embassy in that country, or alternatively visit to see the outlined procedures.

If you are a UK national stranded in Saudi Arabia, please visit: If we were your visa provider, unfortunately with the embassy closed we are not receiving any updated information, however are aiming to update our website where we can. For direct questions, you can contact us on

Passport Office Enquiry:

If you are trying to contact the British Passport Office in reference to your UK passport, or making an application, we advise you to contact the HMPO directly on 0300 222 0000. If you would like information about a second passport, then please email us

Saudi Arabia Online Visa:

If you are trying to obtain a visa extension, refund, change of dates, Umrah, Hajj on a Saudi Visa you obtained online, we advise you to contact the Saudi Online service using the details: contact +966920000890 or go to

Email Priority:

Please note that emails received to will be prioritised. All other enquiries, contact form submissions and requests to our other emails will be reviewed infrequently.

Wishing you the best in this period

Rapid Visas Processing Team

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