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Second British Passport Application Process

Welcome to our primary page for Second British Passport applications.

Please take a few minutes to ensure that you carefully read this page and the connecting pages to ensure you get an overview of whether you are eligible, how to apply for a 2nd British Passport, the requirements, and to request an application pack which will allow you to return to your application at a later point.

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Requirements Current Passport or Photocopy
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Are you based abroad?

If you are based outside of the United Kingdom, please click here to see how the Second British Passport application process works.

How The Process Works in 4 Simple Steps

Step 01

Read the information by downloading the application pack and requirements.

Step 02

Start compiling the paperwork and have them prechecked by our team members.

Step 03

Send or hand deliver your documents to us, where we start processing immediately.

Step 04

Once the 2nd passport has been issued, we send the passport back directly to you.

Benefits of applying with us

You don't have to go anywhere.

By using us as your acting agency, all you have to do is send us your application from your local post office or by courier.

Your application is processed immediately.

As a specialised passport agency we are authorised to submit applications on our clients' behalf at Her Majesty's Passport office without the need to book any appointments.

Your documents are checked before sending.

Your agent will check your items before applying for your passport in order to avoid delays and rejection.

We provide professional customer service.

Our agents are on-hand via email and phone to assist with any type of query you might have.

What is a second British Passport, and why does one need one?

A second British Passport is when one person holds two different British Passports at the same time, and they are allowed to use them both simultaneously as well. The passports will have different passport numbers, and are considered totally unique to each other, with no link.

The second passport service is unique because:

  • Most of the people do not know that having two British passports at the same time is even possible.
  • The process to apply for 2nd UK passport can be done with just the photocopy of the applicants existing passport, the original is not required.
  • This can be done on a same day service also with Rapid Passports.

Who can apply for 2nd UK Passport?

  • It allows someone to travel whilst applying for visas at embassies at the same time.
  • It allows people to travel to conflicting contries, most specifically someone with an Israeli entry stamp cannot enter places like Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim nations.
  • For applicants where their might require two passports, eg pilots, flight attendants, people that work on oil rigs, etc.
  • Applicants that do not live in the UK, and in case they need a back-up passport. Eg live in Dubai but its convenient to have a second passport in the UK.
  • For those who travel very frequently and their existing passport gets completed very quickly stamped and finished early, e.g: A British passport holder that is based in Singapore and travels around Asia, or Dubai and travels around the Middle East and Africa.

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