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Please note that we only deal with second passports for business clients. Unfortunately we cannot assist with renewals, lost/stolen passports, change of details, existing cases you may have already with the passport office or same day/emergency passports. We would advise you to contact the HMPO directly by calling 0300 222 0000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get my British passport?

To make an appointment with the passport office will vary on factors such as the season, the location you want an appointment and the type of application you wish to make. As a registered agency, we can offer a same day service for passport renewals and second passports applications. This means you can call us on a Monday anytime, and by end of day Tuesday we will have a new passport for you. Please note that 2 day and 7 day services are also available. Please visit our processing times page too see what timeframes exist for each type of application.

I travel soon and found problems with my passport - what shall I do?

This really depends on the problem you have with your passport. For example, if the passport is due to expire whilst you are away you may considering rescheduling your trip or getting a new passport, if your passport is slightly damaged and you feel this would not allow you to travel, then this is something you should look to have checked with the airline and airport authorities.

What requirements do I need and where I can obtain these?

In order to have a same day emergency passport renewal, you must ensure that you have the full information ready and completed. These include:

  • Passport Application Form - This can be obtained from most post offices. We would always advise taking 3 or 4 copies just in case of errors.
  • Passport size photos - A normal passport size photograph shall suffice for this, the dimensions are 35mm x 45mm.
  • Supporting information such as employer letters, or counter signatures

The requirements vary largely based on your application type. Please use the links below to read more detailed requirements for your individual application:

Can I visit your offices to deliver my passport application?

Yes you can, once you have completed all the requirements for a same day passport application, then we can always go through an online and phone check. Once this has been confirmed, you can send by royal mail special delivery, courier, or personally bring in your application.

I have lost my passport and new a new British passport urgently - what can I do?

You must start compiling the information required by the passport office to replace the lost or stolen passport. As well as the normal requirements (application form and photos), you will also need to obtain an LS01 form. Please click here to visit our lost, stolen or damaged passport page.

What exactly is a biometric British passport?

A biometric passport is what all new British and UK passports are issued as from the passport office. This basically has the circle and rectangular symbol at the bottom of the front face of the passport. This is a more advanced passport. At airports like Heathrow, there are biometric queues which allow you to scan your passport into a machine to allow automatic customs entry.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions that are not answered above, then please email or call one of our team members for more detailed answers.

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