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Please note that we only deal with second passports for business clients. Unfortunately we cannot assist with renewals, lost/stolen passports, change of details, existing cases you may have already with the passport office or same day/emergency passports. We would advise you to contact the HMPO directly by calling 0300 222 0000.

Application Form

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The Passport Application Form is the first requirement for any kind of British passport application. The form is an A3-sized brown document with 10 sections that is issued by His Majesty's Passport Office. The same form is used for all types of passport applications, however the way it is completed differs. You will find guidance below on how to successfully complete it.

Where to obtain it

The passport application form can be obtained from:

  • Rapid British Passports; we send the form to our clients by post or courier if needed.
  • Some post offices; to locate a post office that has the form go to: and select "passport Check & Send" in the service drop down menu.

How to complete the application form

General requirements

  • The form must be completed in black ink.
  • Writing must be in block capital letters.
  • All written answers need to be within the white boxes on the form.
  • Minor mistakes can be crossed out in black ink. Correction fluid is not permitted.
  • If you make more than three mistakes on any line or do not provide a clear signature in Section 9, you should complete a new application form.

Guidance per section

Section 1: What type of passport are you applying for?

  • Cross the Changes box for the "type of passport application".

Section 2: Who is the passport for?

  • Complete Section 2 as you would like it to appear on your passport. If you are changing your name, put your new name in the "Surname" and "First and middle names" boxes and put your previous names in the 'Maiden or all previous names' boxes.
  • If there is a middle name, leave a gap between the two names.
  • If you no longer want your middle name to be included on your new passport when it has previously been, state this in Section 8. If you don't it will automatically be added to match what is on your previous passport.
  • If you spell your name differently, or change the order of your names or add a new name that is not on your previous passport, then you will need to provide evidence of the name change.
  • Provide proof of your name change if this is different from your supporting documents. You must send proof to support every name change. This applies if you are getting married or forming a civil partnership and you want your passport to be in your new name.
  • List all of your maiden or previous names that you have been known by (surname first, then first or middle names). Leave a space between each name. If they won't fit in the boxes, write them in full in Section 8.
  • You cannot change a child's name unless you have the permission of everyone who has a parental responsibility of the child.
  • A limited number of titles can be added to your British passport if you request this. For example professional titles such as doctor, judge, QC and so on.
  • Provide a full residential UK address. The Passport Office may check that you live at the address given. If they discover you do not live there, this may delay your application unless you provide an explanation of the circumstances in Section 8.
  • The Passport Office will return your passport to the address given. If you want it delivered elsewhere, you must explain why, and give the return address in Section 8. This does not apply to clients using Rapid British Passports as we collect them from the Passport Office personally and send them back to you.
  • Cross the relevant box to indicate whether you are male or female. If you are transgender or if you have changed or are in the process of changing your gender, you must send in supporting documents with your application. Additional guidance information is available for transgender or transsexual applicants here.
  • Provide the names of the town and country you were born in. These details must match what is stated on your birth, registration, or naturalisation certificate, or previous British passport.
  • Please provide a UK address and UK telephone number only. International contact information will not be accepted. If you have a text relay number, write this in Section 8 if you cannot fit it in the boxes given.

Section 3: Have you had or been included on a passport before?

  • Cross "Yes" and complete the information of your current passport.

Section 4: Parent's details

  • Not applicable.

Section 5: Certificate of registration or naturalisation

  • Not applicable.

Section 6: Children aged 12-15

  • Not applicable.

Section 7: Blank

  • Leave blank

Section 8: More information

Use Section 8 to

  • Complete a section you have not been able to fully complete due to a lack of space (e.g. your names could not fit in the dedicated boxes)
  • Explain the reason why a signature could not be provided in Sections 6 or 9. You can also attach a letter of explanation from an appropriate person such as a carer, doctor, parent or social worker.
  • Add any extra information to support your application.

Section 9: Declaration

  • Please ensure your signature does not touch the borders of the box.

Section 10: Countersignature

  • Not applicable.

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