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Other Documents


When applying for a First Adult British passport, Her Majesty's Passport Office will need extra items as per the scenarios highlighted below.

Pre check the documents

We strongly advise our clients to scan these documents to us before sending their application. That way, we can carry out a Pre Check Service to ensure lower risk of application rejection that would create delays.


For applicants born or adopted in the United Kingdom

  • Birth or adoption certificate.

For applicants born on or after the 1 January 1983, it is also necessary to include in your application:

  • The UK birth certificate of one parent
  • The certificate of registration/naturalisation provided by the Home Office
  • A British passport from one parent which was valid at time of applicant's birth
  • Provide proof of one parent's immigration status in the UK at time of applicant's birth, for example a passport of one parent. When sending documents that are related to your father, please also include your parents' marriage certificate.

For applicants born outside the United Kingdom:

  • Certificate of naturalisation or registration.
  • The passport that was current at the time applicant entered the UK or the foreign passport applicant was included on.

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