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As part of the process of allowing someone other than yourself to lodge your documents at Her Majesty's Passport Office and pick up your new passport for you, a letter of authorisation is required.

With us here at Rapid British Passports, we will require the original authorisation letter alongside all your other documents which support your application for a passport. We have written a template that you will receive once the order form has been completed.

The letter contains

Below you will find all of the information your authorisation letter must contain. Please ensure that the letter is addressed to Her Majesty's Passport Office:

Information about you for your authorisation letter:

  • All of your names
  • The date of the application plus your own signature

Information about Rapid British Passports for your authorisation letter:

  • The name of the agency, Rapid British Passports
  • The contact details of Rapid British Passports
  • The name of the agent who has been assigned lodge to lodge your application and pick up your passport for you
  • The handwritten signature of the agent at Rapid British Passports

In order to verify your application it is important that your agent at Rapid British Passports gives original photographic evidence of their identity.

The statement:

“This is to certify that I ....................................................... (applicant's name) authorise my agent, whose signature is verified below, to lodge my application for a ………………. passport and to collect my new passport on my behalf.”

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