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LS01 Form

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Application Form


The LS01 Form is needed to report a lost or stolen passport. The lost passport form needs to be completed and sent to Her Majesty's Passport Office as soon as possible, to prevent your identity from being stolen.

If you find your passport after sending the LS01 form, you must send it to the passport office to be destroyed.

Where to obtain it

The LS01 Form can be obtained from:

  • This link. You can download the LS01 lost passport form and print it.
  • Some post offices in UK; to locate a post office which distributes the form go to and select “passport Check & Send” in the service drop down menu.

How to complete the LS01 form

General requirements

  • Your lost passport form must be completed in black ink.
  • All writing should be in block capital letters.
  • Make sure you stay within the boxes when you write.
  • Minor mistakes can be crossed out with black ink. Correction fluid is not permitted.
  • For other mistakes, complete a new application form.

Guidance per section

Section 1: Details of the lost/stolen passport

Complete section 1.

Section 2: Current details

Complete section 2 only if your details differ from the ones given in section 1.

Section 3: Details of where and when lost/stolen passport was seen

Please complete details of where the lost or stolen passport was last seen.

Section 4: Police report

The police must be notified of passport theft in the UK. Passports that have been stolen abroad must be reported to the local police of that country.

Section 5: Name of person reporting the loss/theft

Complete section 5 if you are not the passport holder.

Section 6: Contact details of person reporting the loss/theft

Complete section 6 if this LS01 form is not accompanying an application for a replacement passport.

Section 7: Declaration

Please sign the declaration, make sure you sign within the borders of the box as failure to do so will invalidate the form. Remember to put the date in the correct boxes.

Check the application process for a Replacement of a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport and order it online


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